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****** PLEASE NOTE:  In the summer of 2011, Veteran  Information Network combined with National Gulf War Resource Center ******


James  Bunker

Mission Statement of the
Veteran Information Network

  • We are veterans, family members and friends helping veterans who served from 1988 to today.
  • We are here to be a support and information group to veterans.
  • We are here to help veterans to become better informed about changes in laws that will help them in filing their claims before the VA.
  • We will continual to push for better medical treatment so that veterans will alwaya get the best care in this nation.
  • Whenever we can, we will work to change the laws to improve the care of veterans and their loved ones, improve the training of care givers and the training of claims raters.
  • We will work as best as we can to inform Doctors of problems that the modern-day battlefield causes our veterans.

Since the start,  we have been telling the veterans to keep a record of the illness (symptoms) that they are having. This would detail the onset, of each symptom,, how bad, what you did (medication, rest in bed, went to doctor) and how long each attack lasted.
We advised you what the doctors did for them; or what the veteran did to help them selves out.

I have talked to some veterans that knew to do this, but they did not.  If they did it would have helped them with their VA claims.

We need to get the word out to  keep going to your doctors and getting copies of those appointments. Files do get " lost".

If you go to the doctors for, say joint pain, and do not say you have CFS or FM unless a doctor has diagnosed it. You can point it out as someintg off the VA wesite that it might be due to the service in the gulf. The same for some other illnesses that is listed on the VA website.

The more you show that you are trying to get help for the problem and the more often you do, the higher the rating maybe.

The Same will go for your headaches. Makes sure that your notes have each of the attacks, when it started, how long, if you took medications, if it worked, if your rested in bed (how long), if you had a problem with lights, sounds and what they were like and how they started.

 Call or message your doctors and do not quit, that helps to tell your doctor and RO just how bad they are.  If they are so bad that you cannot drive to the VA, let them know it. ALWAYS call the VA and ask what to do. let them know you need a note for misssing work!!!

DO NOT STOP SEEING YOU DOCTORS the VA will and has used this to decrease ratings and for not giving you a higher rating. 

The VA wants you to quit and some have, we need to get them back in and keep helping them.


We are sick and it is not in your head.

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